Delaware, a wonderful state, my mother always told me was a great place to live. And she was right! My husband and I have spent the last six months here and loved every minute of it.

I’ll admit, moving a house full of furniture across the states has been a challenge. We purged prior to the move and rented here while house-hunting. Still, many favorite items came with us. The concern was, will our treasured things fit and work well in whatever home we buy? What else can we part with? And what else will we need to purchase? Have you been faced with the same dilemma?

Spending many years as an interior designer, I know it takes time and detailed planning to seamlessly blend old and new. My experience benefited many clients in the same situation, as they realized the task can be daunting.

If shopping isn’t your forte and you’ll be in unchartered waters, keep in mind that designers are professional shoppers who know how to navigate through a sea of options. With their help, it will be smooth sailing all the way, resulting in casually elegant rooms to delight and enjoy.

Tip of the day: If you plan on a neutral scheme of walls and furnishings but want to avoid a bland look, add color in toss pillows, artwork or area rugs.

On to new adventures!

Sandy Murphy is the past president of the Interior Design Society of New England, and is an interior designer/home stager with Classic Design ( She can be reached at (617) 688-5894.