We have all watched Millsboro grow.

The addition of Plantation Lakes and other housing developments, the build-up of commercial activity along Route 113, and ambitious steps of incorporating surrounding areas has flushed Millsboro with more people and more money than they’ve seen before. There are currently drastic efforts to breathe new life into the downtown area, and the infrastructure the Town provides has had to grow right along with that.

One of those most visible changes has been the Millsboro Police Department. Growing in personnel, technology and services, the department is on the cusp of securing new digs, and has undergone a drastic facelift over recent time. One officer who has been there for much of this growth, Sgt. Barry Wheatley, announced recently that he is retiring this summer, after 20 years of service to the Town.

Chief Brian Calloway credited Wheatley with his involvement with technology upgrades and policy development — two of the major changes. He has also helped with the department’s community outreach programs.

We thank Wheatley for his service and wish him all the best.

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