‘Tis the season to be saying things like, well, “‘Tis the season.”

It is also that time of year for all of us — as individuals, organizations and businesses — to take stock of where we are today, set course for a brighter tomorrow and compile some resolutions to take with us into the new year. And the Coastal Point joins right along with that line of thinking.

We resolve to be better.

That means being better in our news coverage, as far as telling more of your stories and asking the questions you want answers to on important issues in this community. That means being better in keeping you informed with the stuff you need to know “right now,” via our online presence.

That means being better in the design and messaging of your advertisements. This is how our business owners often communicate with their customers. We are going to help them reach more people, and say what they want to say.

It means us being better as a unit working together within our walls, and it means each of us as individuals stepping up our games to provide you the best Coastal Point we can possibly provide. That is our resolution.

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