Guys, listen up.

We are dropping the ball on this entire situation. We’re not talking about the government. Or the health-care professionals who are leading the way in this struggle against COVID-19. Or the experts who provide all of us information on how to combat coronavirus or the best ways to contain the spread.

It’s us. We, the people. We know what to do. We’ve seen the projections. We understand that there are more and more cases of this deadly disease every day, and that we still don’t really know the entire scope of it because people are walking around without symptoms, or have symptoms but have not been tested, or were tested, but have caught the disease since. We just don’t know.

But we do know what we are supposed to be doing, right? We’re supposed to be maintaining our social distance. We are supposed to be staying isolated unless we need food or medical supplies or other “essential” items. We are supposed to be washing our hands and staying in our primary places of residence and basically being respectful of other people’s fundamental right to, you know... stay alive.

For the most part, people are doing the right thing. It appears that the vast majority of folks are trying to follow directions. But in a situation like this, where the virus spreads exponentially and we live in a community that features an older demographic that is mathematically more in danger than younger groups, it only takes a couple knuckleheads.

We get phone calls every day from people concerned about people congregating at golf clubs or on trails, or in parking lots or aisles in grocery stores. So, we’ll address that right here, right now.

Stop. Just stop. Stay more than 6 feet away from one another, follow the directions of those in charge and let’s see if we can’t beat this thing sooner rather than later, with as few fatalities as possible. We’re all itching to return to normalcy. The more we continue to ignore the advice of experts, the longer and more tragic this will become.

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