This is not a community that requires a lot of raw data to determine if it is the summer season or not.

Weather aside, one can look at any of our roads and know right away if it's summer. Or visit a local restaurant. Or walk along one of our beaches. Or hear those musical sounds coming from the development off Route 54.

Yes, the lineup for the 2019 summer season at Freeman Stage at Bayside will be announced soon, and with that, people up and down the East Coast will start setting their social calendars in pen. This will be the 12th season of the Stage, and it seems that the quality of performers they book only improves with each passing year. 

Sometimes lost in the conversation about the programming at the Freeman Stage is how they use the money raised from ticket sales for the national acts to fund programs for children. Their stated goal is to expose people of this community to more of the arts, and that certainly holds true with the Saturday-morning programming specifically created for families. 

We're excited for the upcoming release of shows for Freeman Stage, and also excited that the line-up for the Bethany Beach Bandstand often comes shortly thereafter. We are blessed here to have the ocean, inland bays and other natural resources we so enjoy. But we are also extremely fortunate to have such quality entertainment right in our back yard.

Believe it or not, summer is coming, folks.