A proposal to build 200 apartments at the intersection of Railway and Old Mill Roads is eliciting a ton of pushback, as all new proposed housing projects in the area have done over the past few decades.

And we get it. Our infrastructure appears to be overtaxed as it is, with our roads, water, sewer and power grids being taken to the max. We’ve seen the loss of countless trees, watched wildlife be pushed back into smaller confines and bemoaned the loss of our “quiet time” during the off-season. We also recognize that all of these new developments signify change, and that is not always welcomed, is it?

But we also know that we need affordable housing in the area, and now. Look, we don’t know if this is the right place for this project or not. We’ll let the process play out at the County level and see what happens after all sides have their say. That is a process that must be protected, respected and embraced.

But we know that our hospitality workers, nurses, first-responders and others need housing here they can afford. If not at Evans Farm, then someplace else. We need smart growth. And we need affordable housing. Or we’re going to lose talented young people.

We have two problems here: Too much density, and no affordable housing options. We need solutions to satisfy both situations.

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