So, we’re going to make an open plea here and hope it takes.

During an era where we don’t tend to agree on a lot of things, the people who live, visit, work and own second homes here should be in resounding agreement over one thought: Our natural surroundings make this a magical place.

Maybe it’s the ocean that brings you joy, or the inland bays. Perhaps you enjoy a walk on the trails or a bicycle ride along twisting back roads. Or maybe you are a hunter or other enthusiast of the outdoors. Whatever the case, we have a beautiful community here, and basically all of us have a personal stake in its natural and aesthetic charms in one way or another.

So stop trashing it.

Our roadsides are repugnantly laced with litter of all sorts, and a walk on the beach can result in handfuls of trash if you feel motivated enough to pick it up as you go. By the way, please feel motivated to pick it up as you go. Every little bit helps.

There are literally bags of dog excrement scattered along some trails, and parking lots of area restaurants resemble a crime scene many evenings. This really shouldn’t be all that hard, people.

Show some respect, both for yourself and the community around you.

We are a treasured destination largely because of our location. We have picturesque rural areas, waterways, beaches and winding country roads. Why in the world would we want to destroy that, or do anything at all to lessen it?

Clean up your trash. It’s really very simple.

Coastal Point: The Local Voice of Your Community