There is always a huge emphasis around here during the summer months on pedestrian and bicycle safety — and with good cause.

We have shared far too many stories in these very pages on lives lost, and lives forever altered. The pedestrian or bicyclist injured or killed are unfathomably sad stories, and the impact on those who were involved on the other end of those accidents is nearly as tragic. Police, churches and other local organizations continue to work to try to improve the safety of all those who use our roads, and we applaud them for it. It is direly important. But there’s another danger out there in the summer months that probably doesn’t get enough attention.

The heat. And dehydration that often comes with it.

According to Dr. Chris Snyder, chief quality officer at TidalHealth in Salisbury, Md., you should drink before exposing yourself to the elements. Preparation is kind.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so you can’t just start to drink while you’re hot,” he said. “That’s like putting suntan lotion on when you’ve already been on the beach half an hour. It takes longer to work.”

Maybe it doesn’t sound terribly important, but it is. Enjoy the summer. Enjoy being outside. But prep yourself. Take care, please.

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