Like many of you in the community, we have been closely watching the courage and progress of Ashley Nickerson, the 17-year-old Georgetown resident who was involved in a serious accident last month and has been battling in recovery ever since.

It is a thrill to share with you that she took a walk this week, with the assistance of a walker and healthcare aides guiding her journey. This is progress. Big progress. And it equally makes us optimistic for her chances of continued improvement, as well as blowing us away with her strength and grit in fighting back against the ravages of her accident.

This is indeed something to celebrate.

Consider that on July 3, a mere two weeks after finding herself at Christiana Hospital on a ventilator, Nickerson took those steps. She visited with her best friends. This was only a few days after she was able to eat small portions of food and sip thickened liquids. Her progress, to our vastly uneducated minds, seems both staggering and remarkable.

Her journey is not nearly over, and there are surely going to be hard days ahead, but she will face them not alone — she will have the support, love and prayers of a community that has embraced her, and family and friends who continue to be there for her.