Next Saturday, Jan. 12, the Millville Volunteer Fire Co. will host its first Outdoorsman Marketplace — an event they hope will be succesful enough that it will become an annual fundraiser for the department.

In the interests of full disclosure, we are among the sponsors of the event, so of course we support it as a worthwile effort that will benefit many in the community, and especially the fire company. But the reason we initially became sponsors of the event is because we thought it was a worthwhile effort that will benefit many in the community, especially the fire company.

We are a beach community, and the economic dominance of our real estate, tourism and construction industries reflect that. But we are also a community that enjoys outdoor activities, from fishing to hunting, and all things in between. People come from all over to not only lie on our beaches and eat at tremendous restaurants, but also to hunt ducks, geese and deer, and to fish from our surf, the Inlet and boats.

We are a draw for outdoors aficionados, and there are many businesses and organizations that rely on that. The Outdoorsman Marketplace will benefit those businesses, as well as the enthusiasts. 

Check out the event if you get the chance.