Let’s all take a minute and tip our collective cap to “Miss Connie.”

Constance Dick works for the Delaware State Police — specifically at Troop 4 in Georgetown. She wakes up every weekday morning, makes sure her nails, hair and lipstick are done nicely, and goes to work the 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift. She’s done this for a while.

If you consider 70 years to be “a while.”

“You just get started and you keep going,” she explained. “That’s what I do, anyhow. You just go day to day. I just keep going.”

In 2011 — a full decade ago, mind you — Constance Dick was presented with a framed uniform shirt for being made an honorary state trooper for her unprecedented number of years of service. And she has since added another 10 years to that total.

“She has the record for the entire state,” said MCpl. Gary Fournier, public information officer for the Delaware State Police.

She has seen the Troop grow exponentially during her years, as she has worked under 29 troop commanders, and seen the personnel swell from 25 employees to 90, exemplifying the growing population of the area they serve.

“It is an honor and a privilege for all members of her DSP family to commemorate Miss Connie’s 70 years of distinguished service to our agency and state,” said Col. Melissa Zebley, superintendent of Delaware State Police. “The legacy of her service extends far beyond her beloved Troop 4 family and is woven into the fabric of our agency’s history.”

We thank Miss Connie for her years of service to Troop 4, and the community at large.

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