One thing we consistently ask of our officials — on every level — is that they act proactively, and with a plan. Millville officials tend to do that more often than not, and they displayed that once again this week.

The Millville Town Council approved the purchase of approximately 12 acres of land across the street from Evans Park at Millville, for a cost of $3.44 million. The purchase includes four parcels that had a combined listing price of $3.9 million.

So, what is Millville going to do with the land? Expand the park? Open space to prevent rampant development down the road? A park-and-ride for residents to easily get to the beach? Library? Police station?

Honestly, nothing yet.

But Town Manager Debbie Botchie saw the opportunity, recognized that the Town was in a position to pay cash for the property and brought it to the council’s attention. Deputy Mayor Sharon Brienza commended Botchie for that foresight and effort to “grab it while the iron’s hot. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for the Town. My head is spinning with the different possibilities,” she said.

This makes sense that the Town would want to expand its holdings near the popular new playground, and it was smart to purchase the land for a good deal, when most real estate is fetching top dollar these days.

Another win for Millville here, and for having a vision.

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