If it seems that officials in Millsboro have long been discussing the location and/or construction of a new police department, well, you’re not far off. It has been a topic of conversation for some time now.

But there are reasons for this, and they do make sense.

For starters, it is truly imperative that the police get a new building that provides ample space for the larger department they have now, as well as the easy projection for a need for even more growth in the future. The town is growing; therefore the group of men and women tasked with protecting the town must grow as well.

But it is also critically important that the Town not overspend on this investment. There is a lot in the works in Millsboro, and that aforementioned growth means there is a lot to consider in both the near and distant future. It is vitally important that the Town remain responsible and prudent with its finances.

The Town-owned property at Ellis Street and Railroad Avenue does seem like a logical location for the department, and that appears to be what they are strongly considering at this point. While it’s important they get a new building, it’s equally important it’s done right. They are doing just that by being prudent and examining everything.

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