The calendar never lies, and right now it is telling us that we are closing in on Memorial Day weekend.

And, since the summer of 2020 was basically a bust for many local businesses because of COVID-19 and all that came with it, what approaches us now is a consequential season for a good chunk of our community’s business owners — many of whom are saddled with too many open positions on their staff.

The hope, and general belief, is that this summer will be much busier than last, as vaccinations have been getting in arms and some of the restrictions have been relaxed. That should translate into more visitors at our coastal paradise, and more traffic, both on the roads and in our restaurants and shops.

If we’re lucky, this will be a great season and the businesses that are under a lot of pressure to succeed this year will do just that. We need to be welcoming to our guests as a community, and we need to suggest good restaurants and stores when asked.

We are blessed to be in a community that is largely driven by its small businesses, and if we want to maintain the character and quaintness of our area, we all have to help them out.

Shop local. Be patient.

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