Hang on, folks.

We’re all getting antsy (or far past the point of “getting antsy”) to return to some level of normalcy in our lives. Be it boredom from being stuck at home, fear of contracting the virus or unwittingly transmitting it to someone else, not sure where the money is going to come from to pay our bills or what have you — the vast majority of us are ready to see an end to this COVID-19 nightmare.

There is a level of uncertainty with everything, ranging from school schedules to staffing for a summer season to simply visiting with loved ones. And for every question that is left unanswered, there are four more waiting in the wings that have yet to even be addressed.

These are strange, trying times, for sure.

But it’s imperative that we continue to do what we are advised to do, and trust that those who are making the decisions are making the right ones. Politics and territorial battles are par for the course on any significant issue, and obviously this is no exception. There is push and pull, rhetoric fighting rhetoric, and experts contradicting each other at every turn.

What ultimately matters in the end is that we get our nation back up and running again with as little loss of life as humanly possible. Can we all reasonably agree on that?

Let’s continue to follow the advice of our leadership, and practice social distancing and follow the rules and guidelines before us so we can get through this together and get back to our everyday lives — maybe with a little different perspective and gratitude for all we do have.