Indian River High School Graduation 2020

Members of the Indian River High School Class of 2020 celebrate a long-awaited graduation ceremony on Friday, June 19.

Inside this week’s Coastal Point you will find a special publication we put together to honor the Indian River High School Class of 2020, and to congratulate them on their recent graduation.

By any measure, this has been a strange year. People have lost their jobs, and we’ve been locked down, masked and told to avoid our loved ones who might be vulnerable to COVID-19. We’ve watched racial tensions and economic divides split us apart at the seams, and, just to throw a cherry on top, we are sitting in an election year — a time that historically stirs up angst and hurt feelings across these fruited plains.

And the seniors in the Class of 2020 certainly weren’t immune to all of this. They lost a good chunk of their senior years. They won’t get back those conversations in hallways or life lessons from teachers after class. They didn’t get a prom, or the opportunity to participate in spring sports. Think back on your own senior year of high school and those memories.

So, we decided to make a very small gesture and try to give these students a keepsake they can hold on to long into the future. Yes, this focuses on Indian River High School, largely because it is the public school that is most represented by our coverage area and we just don’t have the resources or time to make one for all the other wonderful area schools that our young people attend.

To the Indian River High School Class of 2020, and those graduating seniors from Sussex Tech, Sussex Central, Worcester Prep, Sussex Academy, Delmarva Christian High School and all others: Congratulations. It is now your time to shine, and we anxiously root for all of your future achievements in life.