If you’re reading this in our print version, congratulations. You are at the beach for July 4 weekend.

Obviously, you aren’t alone. Traditionally, this is the busiest weekend of the year for our coastal oasis, and our local shops and restaurants are excited to put their best feet forward and help you enjoy an incredible, fun, patriotic experience with your friends and family.

Coming off a year like 2020, well, you can only imagine how important this summer season is to our area businesses, and how significant this weekend above all is to the overall stability of their efforts.

But this is not like most years, either. While restrictions and mandates regarding COVID-19 are definitely loosening, there are still some mental hurdles for people to get by before they are all-the-way comfortable, and, like every other corner of the country, we are in somewhat of a hiring crisis. Hardly anyone is fully staffed right now, so there are things to consider.

Your wait will probably be longer. Fewer workers means fewer people to help customers at any given time, and that means delays. Also, the people who are working are tired. They’ve put in long hours and are doing the very best they can.

Please enjoy this weekend to the fullest. Just also please be patient.

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