The much-anticipated decision by the Sussex County Council to either approve or nix plans by Carl M. Freeman Companies to build a hotel and restaurant off Route 54 is expected to take place at its Tuesday, Oct. 12, meeting.

The opposition’s arguments against the project are typical to any proposed new projects in the area, focusing on increased traffic, the loss of the natural wildlife habitat, increased stress on water and sewer systems, the impact on flooding, and that it goes against “the character” of the surrounding area.

On the flip side are the arguments in favor of just about any project in the area: property owners have rights in regard to their properties; we have a growing area that requires additional services; and, in this instance, attorney James Fuqua, representing Freeman, suggested that, as this is a tourist area, a new hotel that offers more places for tourists to stay is a positive for the local economy.

As Council Member John Rieley said when the County Council voted to defer on the issue this summer, “You have to understand, we’ve been presented with a tremendous volume of information.”

It is a lot of information. And there are a lot of issues to consider, as this decision will impact the Route 54 corridor, and the rights of the property owners along that corridor, for generations.

Stay tuned. This will be a significant vote.