We would like to point out that if the attention paid to COVID-19 is part of a mass media conspiracy, we were not invited to the meetings. Heck, we never even got a memo.

Like most local businesses, both here and globally, we’re having a challenging time. Businesses closing, reducing hours and laying off employees understandably means many of them are putting a hold on their advertising. Seeing as we are a free paper in terms of distribution, and we don’t have a paywall on our website, advertising is our only source of revenue.

So, yeah, we certainly didn’t vote to participate in any kind of conspiracy that would endanger our business.

But this isn’t a pity party for us. We’re absolutely not tone-deaf to what’s happening all around us, and we understand that nearly everyone is feeling the pinch right now. We’re watching as children can’t go to school or visit their friends or participate in sports or other activities. We know that some of our residents can’t get visits from their loved ones, and that those with compromised immune systems are facing an even more-significant scare than the rest of us.

This thing stinks. All around.

But we want to use this space to assure you that we are continuing to try our hardest to get you as much information as possible, as quickly as we can confirm it and get it posted online. Our physical paper is a little smaller right now due to our reduced advertising, and we simply can’t publish all the information we have, but we feel very fortunate that we just launched our new site and it is allowing us to provide you more of what you need to know than ever before.

So, basically, we’re going to keep working. How we do that has changed, as it has for many.

We are restricting our office to “essential” employees only, so visitors who wish to conduct business with us (and we more than welcome that right now!) can do so through email, our contact options on our website or via phone. We typically have someone in the office during regular hours, and if not, we will be accessing voice mails and will get back with you as fast as possible.

We want to continue to provide excellent customer service to our advertisers and readers, but have to do so a little differently now. We’ll all get through this together. We don’t have a choice.

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