That audible sigh you might be hearing from sea to shining sea is a collective relief for many that the end is in sight for a tumultuous 2020.

Oh, there’s no false pretense that 2021 will be any better, but we’re all pretty much in agreement that flipping the script from 2020 is a good start. It can’t be much worse, right?


Let’s stay with that premise. Let’s go with the thought that our kids will find some semblance of normalcy in their school years as things progress. Let’s envelop ourselves in the notion that we will have a real summer season again, and that our local businesses will come out of the other side of this thing intact. Let’s stick with the warming thought that there will be less death, division and acrimony.

You see, 2021 offers something very real to a lot of people that 2020 just doesn’t — hope. Many of us have already “turned the page” and called 2020 a wrap. Our attention has turned to the promise of a new year.

And that’s reasonable. When things aren’t going well, one can turn to despair or turn to hope. We always choose hope over here. But let’s not turn our backs on the holidays just because it’s 2020. Let’s try to salvage some good before we turn that page.

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