During a pandemic that is taking life, causing illness and fracturing a global economy, we have to take note of the good things around us. And one consistent element we have seen from folks is good-old-fashioned ingenuity.

For instance, a coalition of UC-Berkely engineers, emergency room doctors and critical care pulmonologists have been working on converting CPAP and BiPAP machines into ventilators, according to a story on Berkely’s website. We’ve also seen schools move into the virtual classroom to educate homebound students, and many of our local businesses have brought out-of-the-box thinking into everyday survival as a means of trying to stay afloat.

One interesting story that caught our eye this week came from Stephen Norman, the owner of the Norman Law Firm, with offices in Dagsboro and Rehoboth Beach.

When Gov. John Carney approved online notarizing as part of a modification to the current Declaration of a State of Emergency, it set the wheels in motion for what is being described as the first teleconference real estate transaction in Delaware.

“It was groundbreaking technology,” said Norman. “It feels good to be pushing something that you believe will be helping people stay safe while also allowing our industry to keep going.”

Norman suggested that this could be an option for real estate settlements long after the governor’s temporary orders expire. With so many local real estate transactions involving second homes for people who don’t live close by, and with this method automatically creating digital copies of every document, it could be a valuable tool long into the future.