The coronavirus pandemic is the most-discussed topic in the world right now, and we are seeing its impact here in our community, in terms of event cancelations, school schedules and other disruptions to our collective way of life.

We know there’s a lot of information out there, and plenty of opinions. We don’t intend to stray from our lane on focusing on just “the here.”

What we will do is try our best to keep you informed as quickly as possible regarding those aforementioned changes and cancelations in our community. As we get information, we will share it with you. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or just pop on our website when you get a chance.

Since we can’t help ourselves, we will also offer a slice of an opinion here at the end of our statement: Look out for one another.

Take precautions to not get sick. If not for yourself, for your neighbor. Or your spouse. Or your parents. Or grandparents. Or just some random person in the grocery store.

Also, understand that our local businesses are facing a stressful spring this year. Think of them if you’re deciding over dinner, or need to get out of the house, or if you’re a little impatient with places not having enough help at a given time. Employees might be out because of health, or to watch their children because their school got closed. Or for whatever reason.

Just, think of others right now. What makes this community so special is the community, itself. It’s the people, the churches, the businesses and the schools. Let’s give each other a break and get through this thing together.

— Coastal Point