This letter is in regards to a plague which affects virtually the entire state of Delaware. Almost no area or roadway escapes the ongoing severe litter problem we have in this state. Our roadways and parks look like we are mired in the depths of poverty. We need to take action now before we pass the point of no return.

I have written to our governor and our representatives at all levels, yet the steps taken to date pale in comparison to the problem at hand. The Governor’s Office did reply with a lengthy discussion of the measures they were unable to enact.

Failing to take measures is not progress. Good intentions don’t count. We need concrete actions, and it should start with our governor speaking up about this subject matter. He needs to be heard and seen speaking out on this issue.

Our representatives (including our local representatives) should also stop bowing down to business concerns and get back to doing the most good for the most people. Simple steps would help curb the problem and should be easy to put into effect.

This includes putting some pressure on businesses to provide and maintain a means for their customers to dispose of trash and requiring them to police their areas. Construction companies should be required to clean up their sites daily. Anti-litter signs with fines should be posted and enforced. Tarps should be required to secure garbage on any open trailer or truck hauling debris.

The current trends are not acceptable, yet we hear and see nothing from our representatives. If we continue down this path, our state will cease to be a desirable location. All of the residents of Delaware will pay the price one way or the other. We need action, and we need it now.

Dave Moeller