On Friday night last weekend, we ran an online story regarding Fenwick Island Police Chief John Devlin asking state officials to investigate his claims that Fenwick Island Mayor Natalie Magdeburger gained unauthorized access to the police department when Devlin was out of town.

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Sussex County Council this week received its annual appearance from Patti Grimes, the executive director of both the Carl M. Freeman Foundation and Joshua M. Freeman Foundation, respectively.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) shared an update on Monday, May 1, regarding the construction schedule for ongoing dune and beach nourishment work along our coast. Their contractor, Weeks Marine Inc., is mobilizing a third hopper dredge to the efforts, which will impact the schedule…

More than 2,000 cyclists are expected in town this weekend for the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Ocean to Bay Bike Tour.

One quick look around at our natural surroundings can be a quick and easy reminder that all of us are very fortunate to call this beautiful community home.

There’s no question that soccer holds a special place in this community, from the youngest kids to the stellar high-school athletes who not only bring home championships at Indian River High School but go on to contribute to their college teams and beyond. Much of that success, and love of s…

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, March 12, a subtle change will take place that most people won’t realize is happening at the time but will certainly take note of as the day, and days that follow, progress.

The sound of gunfire is not at all uncommon in Sussex County, particularly during certain times of the year. The sound of gunfire in the middle of the day near the middle school, however — that is not something expected or desired. By anybody.

When the Town of Selbyville swears in its new mayor, it will be a familiar face taking on that gavel, in the form of longtime council member Rick Duncan. But it’s still going to feel like a new day, as the man he is replacing has been presiding over meetings for the past 30 years.

The now-staple Fire & Ice Festival will take over much of the community for the next several days, and there is no shortage of the beloved “stuff to do” over this January weekend.

Gov. John Carney announced earlier this week that his proposed 2024-fiscal-year budget will include a 9-percent pay increase for teachers who work directly with children, and 3-percent across the board for all educators. This is a positive.

Local students and teachers were greeted with a New Year’s treat on Tuesday, Jan. 3, as the new Howard T. Ennis School in Georgetown opened the doors to its $45 million facility.

Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island will be celebrating the dawn of a new year in what has become traditional ways — bringing together people to jump in the chilly ocean waters.

Fenwick Island town officials make some good arguments about their proposed ordinance change to the parking ratios, expected to be voted on during the Dec. 16 town council meeting.

In an encouraging example of collaboration between private citizens, a municipality and a governmental institution, Lord Baltimore Elementary School will indeed have a school resource officer (SRO) in its hallways, as well as a constable.

During an era when division is infinitely more commonplace than unity, and so many of us live our lives through a grass-is-always-greener filter, it might be a good time for each of us to step back, take a breath and think about those things and people around us that truly make our lives better.

Directly on the heels of Election Day comes Veterans Day, a timely reminder of those who have served the nation in its efforts to ensure Americans’ rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Division of Public Health recently released data on cancer mortality, and Delaware remains 15th highest in the nation for the timeframe of 2015-2019, which is the state’s same ranking in the two previous time periods studied. But that death rate has fallen by 1.7 percent, both in Delawar…

Two important locations in the future of our community both celebrated groundbreakings this past Tuesday, Oct. 4, and both should have an impact on our quality of life for generations to come.

With the season of candy and sweet treats of all flavors now upon us, there is something horribly frightening that’s lurking out there — and we don’t mean the ghosts and goblins of the Halloween season.

In what has been a long, winding road to apparently nowhere, discussions about extending the employment arrangement between the Frankford Town Council and Police Chief Laurence Corrigan apparently came to an end last week. And the result is that Corrigan will be leaving his position sooner, …

Well, if you’ve been paying attention, there has been a little bit of heat flying around for the Republican primary for the Sussex County Council District 4 seat, between incumbent John Rieley and challenger Keller Hopkins, a member of the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission.

As Labor Day weekend brings about the unofficial end to another summer season at the beach, let’s take a moment to recognize how much has changed over the years in our less-seasonal-than-it-once-was little slice of Heaven by the shore.

While there was certainly a ton of uncertainty and discomfort for school-going children and their families during the past two pandemic-filled school years, there was one benefit to the craziness that was quite helpful.

At our core, we are not a community based on real estate deals. We are a community that features desired real estate largely because of our natural resources — both that ocean to the east and the inland bays that define so much of our region.

Voters in Fenwick Island will have the opportunity to exercise their right to select representation this weekend as five candidates will be vying for three town council positions.

For the 15th time, some of the best softball players on this planet will be making their way to Roxana to play in the Senior League Softball World Series starting next week. And for the first time since it has been in our little slice of Heaven, a team from Lower Sussex Little League will be…

As a tip of the cap to the men and women who strive to keep us safe, state Sen. Gerald Hocker and Rep. Ron Gray co-sponsored Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 125 — a bill that will see first-responders throughout the state be recognized and honored for their efforts each year on Oct. 28.

As we near another July 4 holiday, and thousands upon thousands in our area are aiming to make memories that last a lifetime, let’s try to focus our energies on making those memories positive ones.

There has been fairly rampant conversation around the Town of Frankford over the past few months that their police chief, Laurence Corrigan, might be looking to move on to a new chapter in his life. Well, at Monday night’s town council meeting, that speculation moved to a statement of fact.