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A listing of open houses available throughout our resort area, compliments of our local Real Estate professionals.

What a devastating day for America. Instead of watching what would normally be the ceremonial congressional certification of the presidential election, the majority’s vote, we watched instead thousands of overwhelmingly white men and women storm the Capitol in an attempt to prevent Congress …

Joshua M. Freeman Foundation recently announced a new pavilion and name change from Freeman Stage to Freeman Arts Pavilion. The organization recently acquired the site for the pavilion next to the current stage property. The projected venue to accommodate seating capacity of more than 4,000 patrons.

Regardless the election and your opinion as to its validity, Trump’s words and action or lack of actions, are the clearest evidence that he needs to be removed from office before he does more harm to our citizens and institutions.

Has there ever been a more roundly-anticipated end to a year than the don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-where-the-good-Lord-split-you collective middle finger thrust forward by the collective soul of humanity to 2020?

It’s that time of year folks: the New Year is coming up! I think we all can’t wait for 2020 to be over — am I right!?!?

I’ve done videos and Facebook rants on this subject before, but I thought it might be time to put some hard facts and science on paper, to help educate my community on the importance of exercise and the role it plays on our mental health (which actually plays a large role in our immune syste…

If there’s one thing that’s, hopefully, grown deep inside all of us during these curve-flattening, soul-sucking, economy-obliterating, life-stealing months of COVID-Mania, it is the concept of appreciation.

With the leaves gone off trees, all the characteristics of our evergreen trees really come out. One of the most distinctive is our native red cedar, juniperus virginiana; it is very common in our fields and roadsides here in Delmarva.

That audible sigh you might be hearing from sea to shining sea is a collective relief for many that the end is in sight for a tumultuous 2020.

There’s a new study out and its findings are important. A recent study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute looked at the impact of beginning physical therapy only days, rather than weeks, after suffering a lower back injury. Researchers found that early physical therapy led to bet…

When you go for a walk in our local forests, you’re sure to see a medium tall evergreen tree in the understory. Thick, and slightly pyramidal in shape, the American Holly, Ilex opaca, provides shelter year-round, food for birds and pollinators and decorations for our houses — and is beautiful.

As the physician and nurse leaders of hospitals and healthcare systems throughout the State of Delaware, representing all of Delaware’s general acute care and pediatric hospitals, we have an important safety message regarding COVID-19.

No doubt it has been a difficult year, as we unwittingly entered into a pandemic of proportions never imagined when we greeted 2020 as a bright new year, full of promise. Now, businesses and schools have been are shuttered, jobs have been eliminated and, most tragically, loved ones have died.

If there is one thing I can be grateful about in this twisted, depressing, toilet-paper-lacking, heart-breaking, economy-busting, Zoom-infested year of ours, it’s that, well, I am indeed thankful.

Now more than ever, we understand that it is really important to support the people in need in our communities. SoDel Cares has been a long-standing partner to many organizations in Delaware that help children, at-risk youth and adults, and the elderly that live in our local communities.