Michael Christopher Hudson, 35, passed away and left this earth to meet his heavenly father on Oct. 22, 2020.

He was an absolutely devoted and kind man who cared deeply for his family. He left his home Savannah, Ga., and came back to Frankford, Del., to support, protect, encourage and love his family after his father’s death. He was always there for others, and had a kind, Southern, polite aura around him.

Hudson was educated at Savannah College of Art & Design, where he studied his love of animation. He always had a deep respect for culture and filmmaking. His passions included music, literature, anime, electronics, film and, most of all, nature. He found joy in helping small and large creatures, often saving them from demise. He was always seeking knowledge and wanting to self-improve. Hudson was fearless with helping with the bees, despite being allergic to them.

During his short life on earth, he developed many close friends whom he cared deeply for. His friendships from college were always deeply intertwined in his being, often talking to them on a daily basis.

He loved nature and managed Honey Bee Lake Apiary. He was also an entrepreneur.

Hudson was preceded in death by his father, Mike Hudson. He will always be missed by his mother, Carol; brothers, Devin and Skyler Hudson; a niece, Ellielte; sister-in-law Jordan; and his special companions, Blaire and Hans.