Patti Drago, the write-in candidate for Sussex County Council representing District 3, this week issued an e-mail assuring voters they can write her name as either “Patti” or “Patricia” Drago on the ballot.

“The question comes up about the correct name to write … and whether it must be ‘Patricia’ in order to be counted. In September, I checked with the Department of Elections about the correct name to enter. Delaware law provides that, as long as the Elections Department is able to reasonably determine a voter’s intent, a write-in vote will be counted,” Drago stated in the e-mail.

To write in Drago’s name on the mail-in ballot, voters should look for the Sussex County Council District 3 race, then go to the last item on the ballot. There, they write in a name on the “write-in” line and darken the circle next to the name.

Those voting in person at the polls on Election Day will click on the “write-in” button for the race, type in a name, then click “accept.”

Drago, 67, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., who lives in Lewes, is challenging Mark Schaeffer, 61, who won the Sept. 15 primary representing District 3. He defeated incumbent candidate Irwin G. “I.G.” Burton. Both Schaeffer and Burton are Republicans, but Drago is not affiliated with any political party.

District 3 encompasses the Broadkill Beach, Ellendale, Lewes, Lincoln, Milford, Milton, Primehook Beach and Slaughter Beach areas.