Plexiglass partitions are being installed in the Sussex County Administrative Office Building, in anticipation of re-opening it to the public.

“We are in no rush to open. We want to be sure we can continue to operate in a manner that is appropriate,” County Administrator Todd Lawson told Sussex County Council members during their Tuesday, May 19, meeting.

“Most people are still working from home. When we can function in a different manner, we will be ready for that and continue to serve the public,” he said.

Councilman Samuel Wilson during the meeting, conducted by conference call, asked when the council chambers will re-open so the public can attend meetings.

Lawson reminded him that under the current emergency declaration only 10 people at a time may gather, presenting “a limiting factor,” and that everyone has to remain six feet apart.

“Once that is lifted, we can have more people in the chamber to conduct business. Hopefully, we can open soon,” Lawson said.

Wilson asked about allowing up to 30 percent of the council chamber capacity to attend meetings.

Lawson said it’s a possibility, but explained that only 20 to 25 people will fit, because the pews used for seating present restrictions, as well the requirement to remain a safe distance apart.

“It is not our intent that the public cannot participate, but there are limitations,” Lawson said.

The County Council won’t meet next week, but Lawson said he will keep council members informed if there are any new developments.

He said he hopes to hear from state officials soon about state funding for municipalities. Sussex and Kent county officials are being asked to help with administration of that funding.

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