The Transportation Infrastructure Investment Fund (TIIF) Council, an initiative announced by Gov. John Carney in 2019 (, has made its first recommendations for project funding to Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohan and Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock.

The council has recommended eight projects receive a total of $8.8 million in grant funds that will go toward infrastructure investments providing a public benefit and assist in the creation or relocation of more than 1,300 jobs in the state.

“We greatly appreciate the council’s work in reviewing the merits of each applicant and look forward to reviewing their recommendations,” said Cohan.

“The TIIF is a unique opportunity to offset infrastructure costs that may have prohibited these companies from expanding here in Delaware and is another tool now available to us to support our business community,” said Bullock.

State Rep. and council member Bill Bush added, “As chair of the House Economic Development/Banking/Insurance & Commerce committee, I continue to advocate for helping businesses grow across our state, and I am very pleased with the process we’ve created with TIIF to do just that.”

“The grants provided by TIIF will create a real public benefit and an immediate impact on businesses that are eager to expand and add good jobs in Delaware,” commented Joe Westcott, market president for Capital One and chair of the TIIF Council.

The recommendations put forth by the council are:

• CHRF LLC, $250,000, 18 new/relocated jobs;

• FMIIV (Project Cape), $600,000, 159 new/relocated jobs;

• RIG Acquisitions LLC. (Fort DuPont RV Resort), $1.35 million, five new/relocated jobs;

• Incyte Corportation, $1,092,154, 952 new/relocated jobs;

• Lakeshore Motor Corporation, $521,929.10, 25 new/relocated jobs;

• Miller Metal Fabrication, $313,000, six new/relocated jobs;

• N.K.S. Distributors, $1,151,816.90, four new/relocated jobs; and

• Peninsula Regional Health System, $3.57 million, 150 new/relocated jobs.

TIIF was established to provide economic assistance for renovation, construction, or any other type of improvements to roads and related transportation infrastructure in order to attract new businesses to the state, or expand existing businesses in the state, when such an economic development opportunity would create a significant number of direct, permanent, quality full-time jobs.

The members of the TIIF Council appointed by Carney are Rob Book, Martin Nunlee, Cornelia Johnson, Mona Parikh, John Riley, Bill Strickland and Joe Westcott, who serves as chair. State Rep. Bill Bush and state Sen. David Sokola were appointed by their respective chambers to represent the General Assembly on the council.

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