Low-digit surf-fishing tag (copy)

DNREC has started its auction of low-digit surf-fishing tags.

DNREC is auctioning low-digit surf-fishing plates starting Monday, Nov. 22, at www.usgovbid.com.

Between Nov. 22 and Dec. 9, bidders will have the option to bid on 15 tags, including tags 26, 54, 132, 211, 301, 454, and on nine “choice” categories, ranging from tags 51 to 9999. The highest bidder in each choice category can choose a number, if not already sold, within that category.

The minimum bid for a low-digit surf fishing plate is $250. By state law, surf-fishing tags numbered 1 through 200 are limited to vehicles registered in Delaware.

The auction of low-numbered plates was authorized by the Delaware General Assembly in 2015 and allows the DNREC parks and recreation division to auction low-digit tags to the highest bidder. The program has raised more than $500,000 to date, and all proceeds directly benefit Delaware State Parks, which is 65 percent self-funded.

A low-digit surf-fishing plate is not required to drive-on surf-fish in Delaware State Parks. Annual surf-fishing permits are anticipated to go on sale this winter.

For more information, visit www.destateparks.com/LowDigitTags or www.usgovbid.com.