Delaware State Police this week arrested a Georgetown man for allegedly killing a Dagsboro-area resident, 10 years after the Dagsboro man was first reported as missing.

According to the DSP, in February 2011, John “Doug” Wisniewski, 45, of Dagsboro, was reported missing to the Delaware State Police. Over the last 10 years, they said, detectives had continued to investigate the circumstances surrounding Wisniewski’s suspicious disappearance.

During the investigation, detectives learned that when he had disappeared, he was living in a residence on the same property where Michael Ellingsen, now 31, of Georgetown, lived, on R Farm Lane, Dagsboro. Detectives conducted many interviews, and leads were investigated, police said, but Wisniewski was never located.

In January 2021, the DSP reported, new investigative leads emerged with information showing that, during the evening hours of a day in late January 2011, Ellingsen had allegedly shot and killed Wisniewski and buried his body on the property where their homes were located.

For numerous days in January 2021, police said, multiple troopers and Division of Forensic Science Investigators searched the property on R Farm Lane for Wisniewski’s remains. Finally, on January 22, 2021, his body was located on the property, they said. The remains were exhumed by the Delaware State Police and Division of Forensic Science. An autopsy was conducted, and Wisniewski’s death was ruled a homicide.

On Sept. 13, a Sussex County grand jury issued an indictment for Ellingsen’s arrest. Later that day, Delaware State Police located Ellingsen. He was taken into custody without incident and charged with Murder First Degree a felony. He was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on a $1 million cash bond.