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La Colectivea de Delaware has been integrated with La Esperanza to address critical needs of Sussex County's Latino families.

Delaware bicultural and bilingual nonprofit agency La Esperanza has integrated La Colectiva de Delaware (LCD), an initiative to support, improve and expand opportunities for the Latino community in southern Delaware, the organization announced this week.

Initiated as a partnership between La Esperanza, the Matt Haley Trust and the Arsht-Cannon Fund in late 2017, La Colectiva was designed to focus on building the capacity of nonprofits to address critical needs of Sussex County’s Latino families. The vision is an empowered, connected and trusting Latino community. The Arsht-Cannon Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation has given nearly $400,000 to build La Colectiva, and the Matt Haley Trust provided $190,000 since 2018.

“The transition of La Colectiva de Delaware from an initiative developed in 2018 by three committed partners to a new program at La Esperanza positions La Colectiva to ramp up its important work. This work will continue to build relationships among community and nonprofit leaders to focus on developing collaborative approaches to the most critical needs and new opportunities,” said Christine Cannon, executive director of the Arsht-Cannon Fund at DCF.

La Colectiva has worked to bring together nonprofits (including schools, religious organizations and community groups), government agencies and the Latino community to build relationships, coordinate shared work and design solutions. La Colectiva will build on its experiences and expects its progress to continue.

An early pilot and the first “La Colectiva-inspired” program, community guides, or guias, have already been integrated at La Esperanza as the Resource Navigation & Coaching program. LCD’s collaborative work also includes education and support programs for families with children from infancy through college and careers; and family literacy and language learning (such as ESL programs). As part of La Esperanza, La Colectiva will be led by a new full-time coordinator.

“La Esperanza is a natural home for La Colectiva de Delaware,” said La Esperanza Executive Director Jennifer Fuqua. “La Colectiva and La Esperanza have worked hand-in-hand since the beginning, and we’re very excited to integrate LCD and move forward with this successful initiative. La Esperanza commits to do fundraising in 2022-2023 to continue to support the administrative functions of LCD and pursue partnerships with funders for initiatives/pilots that grow from LCD,” said Fuqua.

“I look forward to continuing to support La Colectiva and working closely with the growing number of Delaware’s nonprofits that care for our Latino families. I am proud to continue the 12-year relationship that has endured between the Arsht-Cannon Fund and La Esperanza,” Cannon said.

La Esperanza was founded in 1996 to address the needs of immigrants arriving in southern Delaware. Today, it’s the second largest multiservice agency for Latino immigrants in Delaware, and the only bicultural and bilingual agency dedicated to serving Latino communities in Sussex County and beyond. La Esperanza helps its clients with employment, housing, education, permanent residency, U.S. citizenship, naturalization and self-sufficiency.