Sussex Academy announced this week that K-12 students attending the school in-person may return to campus four days per week beginning Monday, April 12.

• Grades K-5: Students will be on campus and will continue to receive in-person instruction on their regular cohort days; however, due to space limitations, students will be supervised on campus by other staff members on their non-cohort days. Students will log onto to their regular classes on non-cohort days but will not be face-to-face with their regular teachers.

• Grades 6-8: Students should plan to be in their regular classes four days per week, as the middle school classrooms are able to accommodate the current in-person student class sizes.

• Grades 9-12: All high school families have been offered a four-days-per-week learning option.

Sussex Academy has been operating at 85 percent capacity for two-day in-person learning since September. In February, high school students gradually returned to four days per week.

All fully remote students in K-12 may continue with a fully remote learning model for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year if they wish to do so.

Sussex Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving grades K-12. The school has an elementary and secondary campus, both located in Georgetown. For additional information, email