Meals at Selbyville Public Library - Staff

Selbyville Public Library staff prepare to serve lunch, as a 2020 USDA Summer Food Service Program site, ensuring all youth continue to receive nutritious meals when school isn’t in session.

A program that targets children in low-income areas so they have meals during the summer is seeking sponsors and meal sites for meal locations in 2021. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federally-funded program operated nationally by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and administered in Delaware by the Department of Education (DDOE). Sponsors are reimbursed for all meals served free at approved meal sites in low-income areas to children 18 or younger.

Who can participate?

• Sponsors — Units of local government, camps, schools, and private nonprofit organizations are eligible to operate a SFSP as sponsors.

• Meal sites — Individual sites, such as camps, housing complexes, community centers, parks and homes are eligible to operate a SFSP as a site under a sponsor. The sponsor would prepare and deliver the meals to the site (some locations may be served by a food truck, depending on availability). An adult at the site would be required to be the site supervisor to oversee the meals being served.

• Children — Children 18 or younger may receive free meals and snacks through the SFSP.

(Meals and snacks also are available to persons with disabilities who are older than 18 if they participate in school programs.)

Sponsors and sites will receive training to help them operate a successful program and will have continued support from the Delaware Department of Education throughout the course of the program. All sponsors and sites must agree to serve meals to all children regardless of their race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.

Eligibility for SFSP is based on free and reduced-price lunch data for a school for a particular area. To qualify as an open site that can feed all children, the site must be in an area where 50 percent or more of the children qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. In addition, camps and enrolled programs may qualify based on individual income eligibility.

The current eligibility guidelines are $23,606 per year for a single-person household; $31,894 for a two-person household; $40,182 for a three-person household; $48,470 for a four-person household; $56,758 for a five-person household; $65,046 for a six-person household; $73,334 for a seven-person household; or $81,622 for an eight-person household; with annual income limits for eligibility increasing by $8,288 per additional household members more than eight.

For information on becoming a SFSP sponsor or site, or to locate a sponsored site in the area, call (302) 857-3356, or visit and search for “Summer Food Service Program.”