Molly Serfass of Selbyville has been applying the tools of science, education and conservation to become a leader in the conservation community, representatives of Miami University reported this week. In mid-December 2020, Serfass will conclude her master’s course of study with a master’s degree in biology from Miami University, through Project Dragonfly.

Since joining the AIP (Advanced Inquiry Program) master’s in 2018, Serfass has traveled to Australia and conducted projects that have made a difference in the Selbyville area, they said.

Throughout her time in the Advanced Inquiry Program, Serfass developed a Master Plan — a kind of personal mission statement for what she wanted to accomplish in the program. In many of her master’s courses, Serfass designed projects that supported that plan, which culminated in a final portfolio, “Searching for Shark Sympathy in Coastal Delaware,” presented in a Capstone course.

Serfass works as an aquarist and naturalist at Cape Henlopen State Park.

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