League of Women Voters of Delaware

League of Women Voters of Delaware

The League of Women Voters of Delaware has published a new guide to the state’s May 11 school board elections in hopes of reversing the historically poor turnout at these elections, which typically bring out only 10 percent of eligible voters.

“This is greatly troublesome considering the importance of this position,” said Jill Itzkowitz, who chairs the League’s voting and elections initiative. “School boards not only shape and monitor education policies, but their decisions influence property taxes, home values, and government budgets, as well as address racial equity issues. During the COVID pandemic, school boards played an important role in addressing school safety issues.”

The League’s Vote411.org website will assist voters in navigating the races, which include 30 candidates vying for 13 seats in 10 school districts. (There is no election in the Indian River School District this year, as no terms were set to expire. Two recent board member resignations due to relocations were filled by board appointment until the next scheduled elections.)

Most of the board races in 2021 have two or three candidates who have diverse backgrounds and opposing views, the League noted. Vote411.org is a one-stop shop for voters to learn about the school board candidates in their districts and election information.

The tool includes:

  • Candidate biographies and experience;
  • Candidate’s vision for the future and assessment of the most critical issues;
  • Side-by-side comparison of each candidate;
  • Listing of polling places; and
  • Listing of upcoming candidate forums.

“Everyone has a stake in this election,” added Itzkowitz “The future of democracy depends on how we educate our children and their children.”

The League of Women Voters of Delaware is a nonpartisan organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. With branches in all three Delaware counties, the League works with local communities to present unbiased information about elections and the voting process.