John M. Clayton hosted Latino Family Literacy event

Volunteers and participants in the Latino Family Literacy Project included, from left, Leah Claire Bauer, facilitator Khara Bauer, Marilyn Chilel, Severiano Chilel Chaves, Esmerelda Chilel, Michael Chilel, Karla Alvarez, Joshua Rodriguez, Luz Lopez, Rony Lopez, Aurelia Gil Ventura, Leticia Perez Diaz, Allison Perez Diaz, Hancer Perez Diaz, Maria Ramos, Samantha Ramos, Angelica Ramos, Patricio Ramos, Efrain Ramos, teacher Christine Hutchins, and Leo Club Volunteers Alexandria Davidson, Ava Alberta and Molly Amerling.

John M. Clayton Elementary School held its first Latino Family Literacy Project session this fall.

Each week, families joined JMC teachers and Indian River High School Leo Club volunteers after school to learn about the benefits of reading at home. Children received homework help and had fun playing with their peers while parents attended classes focused on bilingual literature.

The goal of the program is to build vocabulary in both English and Spanish to help families establish a reading routine at home and to teach parents commonly used phrases and words in English. The Latino Family Literacy Project also creates an atmosphere of inclusion and builds relationships for parents and teachers to work together to educate children.

“This program would not have been successful without local sponsors and donors,” Indian River School District officials noted. “This year, the school was lucky to receive support and donations from Lord’s Landscaping, Millville Boardwalk’s Agape Creamery and Lighthouse Beach Golf. It also had amazing support from Mariner’s Bethel United Methodist Church, which provided homemade, healthy, multi-course meals to each family in a ‘to-go’ style so that families could safely adhere to COVID-19 protocols. Finally, the Frankford Public Library participated by providing the program with library cards and information about using the library.

“JMC was ecstatic to host the program despite the global pandemic and the school looks forward to the next session. Congratulations to all of the families who participated!”