UFCW Local 27 Selbyville Mass Vaccination Site_7 (copy)

UFCW Local 27 members wait in line for their first COVID-19 vaccination during a clinic hosted by the union in Selbyville in March. They will host a vaccination clinic for the public this weekend.

The United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 27, a union representing poultry and retail employees, among other essential workers, is hosting their fourth clinic at their office in Selbyville to administer doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

The clinic will take place on Saturday, Sept. 18, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the UFCW Local 27 office, 3 Mason Drive, Selbyville. Sign up by texting VACCINE27 to 83071, or contact Jesus Sanchez at (443) 834-4915 or j.sanchez@ufcw27.org.

The clinic is open to all Delaware residents 12 or older. A parent or legal guardian must accompany those younger than 18. First shots, second shots and third booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine are all available.

This is the fourth mass vaccination clinic hosted by the union targeted to reach Sussex residents and under-served communities. As with the previous clinics, UFCW Local 27 worked directly with the Delaware Department of Health & Social Services and Centro de Derechos de Migrante (CDM) to set up the clinic and conduct outreach to workers and community members to get vaccinated.

“Distributing this vaccine to as many people as possible is the best way to curb the spread of this devastating disease.” explained UFCW Local 27 President Jason Chorpenning. “We are proud to serve not only our union members, but the entire community in helping to ensure everyone has access to the vaccine. Our collaboration with the Delaware Department of Health, CDM and the governor’s office has helped to distribute hundreds of doses in communities otherwise unreached by other efforts. We look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Delaware and our essential workers on the front lines.”

“The more people that get vaccinated, the faster we’ll put an end to COVID-19,” said Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long, a public health nurse with more than 30 years of experience. “Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of the UFCW Local 27, we are able to expand access to the vaccine by reaching our frontline workers in the poultry industry and others in the community by bringing it to them.”

“We’re excited to partner with UFCW Local 27, which has worked tirelessly to support poultry workers and their families — many of whom are immigrants — throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Rachel Micah-Jones, founder and executive director of Centro de Derechos de Migrante. “As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout Sussex County at alarming rates, unvaccinated frontline workers face the greatest risk of getting sick. Thankfully, UFCW Local 27 is once again opening their doors to provide community members with timely, reliable access to COVID-19 information, resources and vaccines.”

UFCW recently confirmed that among the union’s members nationwide, COVID risks continue. Since the pandemic began, there have now been at least:

  • 483 frontline worker deaths and at least 93,900 frontline workers infected or exposed;
  • 198 grocery worker deaths and at least 43,900 grocery workers infected or exposed;
  • 132 meatpacking worker deaths and 22,400 meatpacking workers infected or exposed; and
  • 67 food processing worker deaths and 13,100 food processing workers infected or exposed.

United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 27 represents more than 20,000 workers in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia in grocery and retail, pharmacy, food processing, chemical processing, meatpacking, manufacturing, healthcare, cannabis, gaming and public sectors. For more information, visit www.ufcw27.org.