A total of 13 new deaths from the coronavirus were reported in Delaware on Saturday, Feb. 13, increasing the number of total deaths to 1,282 and the rate per 10,000 people to 10.6, according to Delaware healthcare officials.

Of the 13, five lived in Sussex County, and four each lived in New Castle and Kent Counties, officials reported. Six were residents of long-term healthcare facilities, and 13 had underlying health conditions. They were in the 47- to 100-year-old age range.

Of all of those who have died, 397 were from Sussex County, 614 were from New Castle  County; and 271 were from Kent County.

There have been 82,672 positive cases in Delaware, where the state population is 974,051.

Among them, 78,459  cases were confirmed, 4,213 were probable; 2,237 were residents of long-term care facilities; 21,858 are from Sussex County, 46,949 live in New Castle County and 13,678 are residents of Kent County, according to the www.delaware.gov website.

Statewide, 606,677  people have been tested, including 137,037 in Sussex County, 354,956 in New Castle County and 83,711 in Kent County. Among them, 524,005 tested negative.