Two new deaths from the coronavirus were reported as of Sunday, Nov. 1, with one each in Sussex and Kent Counties, bringing the total number of deaths statewide to 710.

According to the Website, which contains statistics and details related to the virus, both victims were 55 to 68 years old and had underlying health conditions. There have been 236 deaths in Sussex County, 353 in New Castle County and 121 in Kent County.

Of those who died, 410 were living in long-term care facilities. Thirteen percent of them were 50 to 64 years old and 83 percent were 65 or older. Three percent were 35 to 49 and 2 percent were 18 to 34. Fifty one percent were women and 49 percent were men.

As of Nov. 1, 352,348 people were tested for the virus, with 327,222  testing negative.

There have been 25,126 positive cases, with 23,955 confirmed, 1,171 probable and 1,525 living in long-term care facilities. Among them have been 8,170 in Sussex County, 13,259 in New Castle County and 3,606 in Kent County.

There are 102 current hospitalizations.

From Oct. 25 to 31, DPH reported that about 194 people visited the following venues in the two weeks prior to onset of COVID-19 symptoms. These counts suggest potential exposure during the event/visit — they do not indicate that the virus was contracted there: 57 visits to restaurants, 35 religious services, 17 large gatherings, 12 beach trips, 11 nail or hair salon, 10 other tourist attractions, eight bars, six house parties, five gyms, five each of weddings or recreation centers, four each outdoor events and dinner parties, three bonfires, two indoor play centers, two pro-youth sporting events and one festivals, according to the state’s website. About 486 people did not report participating in an event or visiting a venue.

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