As we push forward into a new year, here’s a look at the pandemic in Sussex County in 2020, including the pain, the hope and the perseverance.

Ever since March brought the first shutdowns — intended to slow the spread of this respiratory disease — COVID-19 has impacted almost every part of our lives. ‘Virtual’ schooling, work, concerts, church services, meals and funerals came first. ‘Drive-through’ dining, trick-or-treating, baby showers and birthdays quickly followed.

Parks, schools, beaches and town halls all had a turn being closed (and many still are). Some businesses have suffered great loss, while others ran on hyperdrive. Thousands of teachers and families had to figure out an education plan that flips the traditional classroom on its head. And COVID-19 was the backdrop as citizens stood in long lines on Election Day or demonstrated for Black Lives Matter.

Through the uncertainty and loss — it feels like everyone’s lost something, big or small — we push forward to keep living, one way or another.

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