By Maria Counts

Staff Reporter

According to Delaware state code, all Delaware municipal governments are required to develop and regularly update land-use plans. The Town of Ocean View is now beginning their most recent update, and officials are seeking the public’s input.

“It’s a roadmap for the future,” said Ken Cimino, director of planning, zoning and development for the Town. “It will provide the framework for development and growth for the Town over the next 10 years. It’s used as an advisory document to address land use and growth issues for the town council and Planning & Zoning Commission.”

The first public workshop will be held on Saturday, April 13, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at town hall. Five stations will be set up for residents to peruse.

“We’re going to have interactive visiting stations for transportation, community character, future land use and livability.”

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which is a legal-binding document, will be used to guide future land use and development decisions, re-zoning, annexation and capital improvements throughout the community.

“It’s also an informational document for the public. The document contains the most current information available — population, transportation, housing, employment and the environment.”

Cimino said that if residents are unable to attend the April 13 workshop, they will have more opportunities to be involved, including a second workshop in September, as well as a town council meeting and public hearing. Questionnaires will be available at the workshops and on the Town’s website, to be filled out by citizens.

“It’s a great opportunity for the Town’s citizens to give their opinion and feedback on very important topics such as the livability of our community, transportation needs, the character of our community, including the things they like and dislike about our community.

“Their input is important because it will actually help determine our path forward for the next 10 years.”

“I’m so happy to be here now,” said Ocean View Town Manager Carol Houck, who began working for the Town in January. “It’s kind of exciting to think of some of the things that might be possible if the community embraces what everyone says is important.”

As mandated by the State, the Town must have their updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan approved by June 2020. Ocean View recently began the process, having met with the Office of State Planning Coordination in February to discuss pre-Preliminary Land Use (PLUS) review and having received comments back from state agencies.

“It’s important that we really hash it out now during this effort and have a lot of involvement from the community so that the staff, mayor and council can take our marching orders from it and get some of these additional things accomplished to improve the community or maintain it in a certain fashion, so that 10 years later we’re not saying, ‘We missed that opportunity,’” said Houck.

With the last plan completed in 2010, Town officials are hoping residents will make their voices heard in what they hope to see in the Town’s future.

“I’m hopeful people come out and play a part in forming the path forward for the town. I think it’s important for folks to be involved and have a voice,” said Cimino.

Ocean View Town Hall is located at 32 West Avenue in Ocean View. For more information about the Town’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, visit

Staff Reporter (former)

Maria Counts is a former staff reporter for the Coastal Point.