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Ocean View Town Council Member Tom Maly, second from right in this photo from 2019, is usually behind the dais for town council meetings, but he's been recovering recently from a COVID-19 infection contracted during a gathering at his home.

As Ocean View Town Councilman Tom Maly continues to regain vigor after a bout with the coronavirus that confined him to bed for four days, he said he is grateful for thoughtful friends who delivered hot soup.

“I never knew that much chicken soup was in the world. It was all very good, and I’m thankful to everyone who brought it to me. It worked,” said Maly, who represents District 3.

Although he had had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine to protect against the virus, he contracted it in late September, after a small social gathering at his home.

“We traced it. I found out where I got it, and we advised the health department. I’m fortunate I didn’t have to go to the hospital or end up on a respirator. I lost my sense of smell, and it is only partially back. I lost about 12 pounds. I still don’t have the stamina I had. My doctor said it takes 90 days for the coronavirus to work its way through your system.

“It was like a bad case of the flu. I went to get a flu shot, and when I came back from the flu shot I felt queasy so I laid down. I was feeling sick with a slight fever and extremely tired. I had some shortness of breath and headaches. I never get headaches. Never in my life. But for four days, I was in bed. I ate practically nothing. Just a little bit to drink. I had no appetite.

“There was no nausea whatsoever, but it’s draining. I’ve had the flu before, and you rebound. With this, it takes a while. I am still taking naps in the afternoon,” Maly said.

He had no reaction to either of the two vaccine doses, he noted, not even redness or soreness at the site of the injection, so he was surprised to contract the virus.

Despite quarantining for 10 days and missing one town council meeting, he was able to keep up with his duties and received information by e-mail, he said.

In January, he will get a booster shot to further protect against the virus. He was advised to wait 90 days from the time symptoms of the breakthrough infection subsided.

“I had both shots, so getting the virus was a shocker — and my wife and I were very, very careful. There were a few people at that gathering at my house — seven people total — and nobody was sick when they were here. Out of the seven, four of us got sick. And it comes on quick,” Maly said.

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