Millville’s Planning & Zoning Commission on Thursday, Oct. 15, gave the green light to preliminary plans for a subdivision within Millville By the Sea, three years after it was originally sent to the town council with a recommendation for approval.

This time, the preliminary site plan for the Peninsula Village subdivision goes to the council with a 3-1 vote to recommend the council approve plans for approximately 46.5 acres located on Tax Map Parcels 134-16.00-03.02, 134-16.00-19.00, 134-16.00-20.00 and 134-15.00-121.00. The parcel is zoned MPC (Master Planned Community), as is the rest of Millville By the Sea.

The revised plan, submitted by Civil Engineering Associates Inc. on behalf of Ardent Companies LLC, calls for the addition of 12 lots to Peninsula Village and the elimination of alleys. The applicant’s original plan proposed 117 lots, including 31 single-family homes, 36 single-family townhomes, 48 villas and two listed as “miscellaneous.”

The preliminary plan was recommended for approval by a vote of 3-1, with one abstention, by member Cathy Scheck, who lives in Millville By the Sea. The commission initially recommended approval for the plans on Dec. 11, 2017.

This time, the commission attached a few conditions, including the location of a pool, as well as parking for the pool on the final site plans. The developer was also urged to consider landscaping and placement of a gazebo or pavilion for the use of residents.

The next step in the approval process will be the presentation of final site plans to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

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