Millsboro Mayor Michelle Truitt will host an Ask the Mayor town hall-style meeting, by conference call, at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 20.

To hear the conversation and ask questions, people can call (617) 829-7706. No access code is required.

Questions and comments can also be submitted in advance, by e-mailing

The event will be similar to the mayor’s town hall-style meeting in January, held at town hall before coronavirus restrictions were put in place.

About 75 people attended that one and discussed topics including bringing more restaurants that have table service to town. Since then, Grotto Pizza and Texas Roadhouse have announced plans to build in Millsboro, with Grotto Pizza expecting to open by the end of the year.

Answering questions with Truitt will be Town Manager Sheldon Hudson, Police Chief Brian Calloway and Director of Public Works Kenny Niblett.

Hudson told the Coastal Point that he expected to get questions about the coronavirus, but said those questions will be referred to the state health department.

“We anticipate we will get some calls about the virus and we might also get questions about the dog park — when benches are coming, when water fountains are coming,” Hudson said.

More signs are being erected at the dog park, on Wilson Highway, and benches will be installed. The parking lot has been paved and will be striped when current rainy weather stops and there are a few dry days, Assistant Town Manager Jamie Burk told the Millsboro Town Council at its regular meeting on May 4.

Water fountains will also go in.

Concerning the January town hall meeting, Hudson said the real value was in helping local residents understand how the Town operates.

“A lot of it is people want to understand. A town can’t just snap its fingers and businesses come. A lot of it is explaining what the Town has done and what the Town will be doing. Government transparency is very important. The police department got a couple rounds of applause and maybe a standing ovation at one point, so it was very positive,” Hudson said after the meeting.

Truitt explained that she decided to host the meeting after listening to public comments at regular town council meetings.

“It crossed my mind that maybe they want to ask other questions about projects we’re doing or they are interested in. I thought, ‘Let’s reserve a night and they can ask,’” Truitt said.

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