ITN Southern Delaware, the local nonprofit transportation network for seniors 55+ and adults with visual impairments, is back on the road with two new services and added health and safety measures in place.

The Independent Transportation Network (ITN) serves a population that has been disproportionately affected by this recent pandemic and the consequences of ongoing social distancing and the elimination of routine outings and activities as well as not having relatives or close friends nearby has led many older adults to feel socially isolated and disconnected from their community. This is potentially devastating for physical and mental health.

Because of ITN’s strong commitment to personalized service, outstanding customer care, and dedication to developing lasting relationships, in addition to providing the full range of ITN ride services any day, any time, for any purpose, two new programs for members and volunteers will continue to be available to members.

ITN Essential Errands assists those members who remain leery of public outings and require medications, groceries, meals or other daily care items to be picked up and delivered to their homes. In Touch Network: Friendly Connections will support those who may lack family or friends in the area who can keep in contact to make sure they are healthy, having their daily living needs met, or just need someone to talk to.

State required safety measures and CDC recommendations are in place to protect vulnerable riders and volunteers. ITN will help these members and drivers attain personal protective equipment and provide training in necessary precautions for providing safe transport to and from customer destinations.

ITN is convenient, reliable, and affordable, with superior customer service and the safety of its members and drivers of the utmost importance. Current members of the ITN family are slowly getting back to daily routines, and new individuals continue to join. In order to sustain the nonprofit beyond recent economic hardships that most small businesses have faced during this health crisis, current and new dedicated volunteers are absolutely necessary.

Anyone with an interest in giving back to their community can volunteer with ITN today, to help local seniors remain active, connected and healthy. Drive three times a month, or drive more often. “Not only will you be improving the quality of life for older adults in Southern Delaware, you will also be investing in your own future by earning mileage credits toward rides you may need for yourself or a loved one who joins ITN,” organizers said.

Seasonal volunteers are accepted. To register or learn more, call (302) 448-8486 or visit