John Wright joins Frankford Town Council (copy)

Frankford Town Clerk Cheryl Lynch, right, swears in Frankford Town Councilman John Wright, left, in 2020. Lynch has been responsible for things such as billing and working with contractors, but the town council is now looking into hiring a town manager.

The Frankford Town Council is moving ahead with its discussions about the need for a town manager to help the Town better serve its residents and make better use of funds available to it.

Council Member Pam Davis said at the Oct. 4 town council meeting that she has spoken with officials in several towns in an effort to put together a job description for a town manager, should Frankford decide to hire one, although she has not yet narrowed down a salary range for the council to consider.

But Council President Greg Welch said he has more immediate concerns.

“We need to figure out how we’re going to pay for it,” Welch said.

Council Treasurer John Wright said he would most like to see the Town hire a town manager who can help manage the Town’s land development, as enumerated in Ordinance 29 of the town code.

Wright also said a town manager should also be able to help the police department with administrative duties, such as payroll.

While Welch said he feels a town manager would be cost-effective, Wright countered that he believes “it’s going to be more expensive than you think,” to hire one. The Town currently employees a full-time town clerk, Cheryl Lynch, whose responsibilities range from handling billing and receipts for the Town to working with contractors whose services the Town uses and cleaning the town hall and the town park.

Wright and Welch agreed that the Town would use its capital reserves for a town manager’s salary.

“That’s the only way,” Wright said, adding, “We do have capital reserves to draw from.”

In other business from this week’s council meeting, the council approved the formation of a Police Advisory Board — a move suggested by Police Chief Laurence Corrigan, to seek input from residents regarding police department issues. At the meeting, Frankford Public Library Director Bonnie Elliott and residents Kyle Quillen and Michelle Valentine volunteered for the advisory board.

Corrigan said he would ideally like to see five or six people on the board, which would meet monthly “to address any concerns” regarding the police department and its coverage of the town.

He also introduced on Oct. 4 two of the department’s three new part-time officers, Killian Klopp and Megan Loulou. Corrigan said once all three are outfitted and sworn in, which he expects to happen in the next few weeks, his goal is to have two officers on duty simultaneously for the town as much as scheduling allows.

The council also set the town’s observance of Halloween and trick-or-treating for 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30, which will follow the Frankford Fall Festival, Envision Frankford’s Halloween parade and festivities at Frankford Town Park, which will end at 3 p.m. that day. The council also approved the expenditure of $200 for prizes for Halloween costumes for the festival.

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