At their monthly meeting, held virtually last Monday, Feb. 23, the Dagsboro Town Council gave preliminary approval to the newly proposed site plans for the Vines Creek Center in the town center zoning district.

The proposal includes a two-story complex of three separate buildings that will feature a mix of office and retail space on the first floor with a pair of apartments on the second floor. Carlton Savage made the presentation on behalf of Clay Snead and Snead Properties. Each proposed building will cover 4,800 square feet.

The Vines Creek Center is located at Armory Road, at the intersection of Routes 26 and 20, between Heather’s Home Works and Rosana’s Holistic Hair Studio.

The preliminary plans met all permitted uses for the town center zoning district, according to the Town’s engineering consultant, Kyle Gulbronson. The proposal meets the requirements for parking and setbacks, as well as any issues with bulk standards, he said.

“Snead Properties must present agency approvals and architectural drawings prior to the final approval process,” Brad Connor, president of the Town’s Planning & Zoning Committee, said of the recommendation for approval.

Savage had made the presentation before the P&Z Committee at their monthly meeting back on Feb. 11. It was a change from the original proposal, which was for an upscale liquor store. That original proposal was shot down by the town council back in December, acting on the advice of Town Solicitor Greg Morris to rescind the initial approval from their September meeting.

The change in approval forced Snead Properties to change their focus and direction for the property altogether. It is expected that the new proposal will feature medical and professional businesses along the first floor.

“We did sort of show it as a two-phased thing,” said Savage. “That will be based on financial funding as the project moves forward. We’re anticipating medical offices or professional offices.”

Gulbronson added that there would be some additional items that Snead Properties would have to include in their next presentation before gaining final approval.

“Along with the final plan presentation, a lighting and landscape plan has to be submitted to the Town for approval,” Gulbronson confirmed.

Dagsboro’s P&Z Committee should soon see final plans for the project to review for approval.

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