With three candidates vying for two seats on the Dagsboro Town Council, incumbents William Chandler and Norwood Truitt were re-elected to their seats during the town's election held on Saturday, Dec. 1.

The polls saw just 81 voters turnout during the four hours they were open at the Dagsboro Fire Hall. Truitt picked up 69 votes. Chandler had 62 ballots cast for him. Resident James Thompson was vying for a seat but finished way behind, with 21 votes.

“I was very pleased and very honored,” Truitt said of his retaining his seat on the council. “I was born and raised here in Dagsboro. My family has always lived here, so there is a long lineage of family history here.

“I wanted to be on council to do good things for the town, and help Dagsboro become the town people want it to be.”

Truitt said he felt the election turnout was “typical to a little bit below typical,” but regardless, he said he is ready to continue working on the things that the current council has in motion.

“We want to keep upgrading the water system and iron out some of the traffic issues,” he continued. “We want to continue to make Dagsboro everything the residents deserve it to be.”

Chandler said he was honored and grateful for the support of the residents he is happy to continue to represent.

“Naturally, I appreciate all those that took the time to vote for me, and grateful for their support in electing me back to town council,” Chandler acknowledged. “I look forward to continuing our efforts to maintain fiscal responsibility, and work on the integrity of our water system and roads.”

As a lifelong resident of 67 years in Dagsboro, Chandler said he knows that the town is a great place to live and raise a family, and that he is looking forward to continuing to serve the residents who make it that way.

By Jason Feather

Point Staff