It was another socially-distant meeting held by the Dagsboro Town Council on Monday, July 20, as members and others dialed into the virtual meeting. Among the items discussed were how Artesian is coming with progress on the new water plant, as well as the Town’s purchase of the much-needed new water meters.

During her town administrator’s report, Cindi Brought told the council that the new water meters had been purchased at a cost of $33,000, with a $10,000 grant coming from Sussex County to help defray the overall cost.

Brought also had said that she expects the new meters to all be installed and ready for the August meter readings, which should help to make things much easier for her department.

“The big thing is that we hope to have everything changed out by the August water meter readings, and I think that is very doable,” Brought said.

The town council also heard comments from Artesian’s John Thaeder regarding the progress of the construction of their new water plant along Route 20 in Dagsboro. Thaeder noted that they are looking to have their operations fully functional and ready to go by April or May of 2021.

“We think that the plant we are building in Dagsboro will provide superior water quality, as well as the kind of water quality to properly flush and maintain systems,” Thaeder said.

The council then discussed the ramifications for its own water issues once Artesian is fully operational. Among the issues is the binding contract that the Town has with the Town of Millsboro, which runs through December 2022. Council members expressed hope that Dagsboro could persuade Millsboro to terminate the contract early, but Brought didn’t seem to think so.

“We have asked about an early exit previously, and it was a flat-out ‘No,’” Brought said.

The council then heard from town engineering consultant Kyle Gulbronson about the possibility of revisiting breaking their contract early with Millsboro, citing how much development is currently taking place in Millsboro.

“I think, due to the growth of Millsboro, that if Dagsboro came to them with an end date for water service, I almost think they would appreciate gaining that water back into their system that they are selling to Dagsboro,” Gulbronson said. “Maybe if we had an estimated date from Artesian as to when they would be ready to connect to Dagsboro’s water system, we could take that to Millsboro to see if they’d be willing to end contract early.”

“We could attempt it again once we have a date,” Brought added.

With just less than a year away from Artesian’s planned opening of their water facility, the Town’s water plans are likely to continue to be topic of discussion in the coming months.

New part-time police officers on patrol

Dagsboro Police Chief Stephen Flood updated the council on the status of the part-time officers who have been hired. He mentioned that he has hired three officers — two from Seaford and one from Selbyville — to help with patrolling inside town limits.

The part-time officers are wearing a Dagsboro Police Department polo shirt, rather than a normal police uniform.

“The only thing that you’ll notice about the part-timers is that they are going to be wearing a different uniform,” Flood said. “They are going to be wearing a polo shirt, only because it was a little cheaper. They are very nice and very professional-looking. I think everybody is going to like the look.”

He also noted that there were 12 traffic accidents that had taken place in the town over the past month, which was right on par with the same time frame in previous years.

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